About us

Our company is a Vetus dealer center in Szczecin (Poland) and an online sales partner for Vetus products in Poland. For many years, we have been supporting our customers with Vetus products that are distinguished by excellent quality and durability. We are always ready to help in the selection of equipment and the specification of the necessary elements of the yacht or boat equipment.

At the request of our clients, we also provide assembly, maintenance and repair services.

The goods in our online store are shipped to customers directly from the Vetus warehouse in the Netherlands or from the warehouse in Szczecin. The order fulfillment time usually does not exceed 5 business days. We deliver the goods via DHL.


Creator of boat systems

VETUS sets the industry standard when it comes to designing complete boat systems and making your life on board more enjoyable. We give customers peace of mind of knowing their vessels most essential systems will work, even when pushed to their limits.

Our systems are meticulously designed for full integration so they operate flawlessly together.

Most of our quality products are developed in-house by our dedicated team of engineers.

We want you to enjoy boating. We develop reliable products which are easy to install and require very little maintenance.


The website www.vetus-sklep.pl is owned by Emarine Bogusław Wałejko, 

email: info@vetus-sklep.pl

tel.: +48 535 627 463