E-Line engines
E-Line engines

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Electric propulsion

Peace and quiet, with only the sound of the water. The new E-Drives from VETUS enable you to enjoy nature at its best, combining the silence of a sailing boat with the maneuverability of a motorboat.

The plug & play VETUS E-Drives are compact, complete and highly efficient systems, suitable for both newbuilds and repowering/retrofitting. The zero-emission E-Drives operate using the V-CAN bus control system and meet all current and future emission requirements.

VETUS calculates and supplies the complete package, from shore power to propeller, resulting in a highly efficient installation. The patented VETUS E-Drive motor controllers (MCVs), specially developed for electric boating, feature an integrated step-up battery charger capable of charging a 48V lead-acid battery bank using a 24V power supply. Another unique feature is active braking, which gives users natural and full control over the boat.

Enjoy nature at its best with the VETUS E-Drive.